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Allround-bottle Williams-Christ

Allround-bottle Williams-Christ
36.90 EUR
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Our brandies and liquors

spiritsHausbraende und regionale SpezialitaetenKulturlandschaft Streuobstwiesen

Experts agree: If you are looking for spirits of high quality you should not confine to the few brands that are well known and that you can buy in every supermarket on your way. Instead, look out for small distilleries which are located in rural areas and which have their own centuries-old traditions and recipes.

Our spirits are regional products which have their origins in the rural nature of Southern Germany. Fruits grown under ecological criteria as well as a long experience in distilling guarantee products of finest quality and taste – culinary delights which combine diversity and refinement with the honest taste of rural life in Southern Germany.

Edelbrände in Standardflaschen

Wild Plum (Zibarte) 40 % vol. alcohol

The typical scent of marzipan and bitter almond and it’s full but soft flavour make this schnapps a rare delicacy.

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Palmisch Pear 40 % vol. alcohol

The palmisch pear of Southern Germany’s meadows gives this schnapps it’s robust and full taste

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Williams Christ 40 % vol. alcohol

Classic Schnapps, round and soft flavour with the characteristic taste of the Williams Christ Pear.

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Kirschbrand (Sour Cherry) 45 % vol. alcohol

Extraordinary taste of sour cherries, with a scent of marzipan and bitter almond, an exquisite spirit of high quality.

Raspberry schnapps 40 % vol. alcohol

Mild and tasty, with the fruity and yet slender note of ripe raspberries.

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Plum 43 % vol. alcohol

Racy taste of ripe plums, this schnapps is an all time favorite.

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Quince schnapps 40 % vol. alcohol

Very intense yet subtle taste from ripe fruits grown on sunny meadows in Southern Germany.

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Mirabelle schnapps 42 % vol. alcohol

A mirabelle schnapps usually leaves just a very vague impression on your tongue, but this kind is different: it has a strong taste that makes you think that you have just enjoyed a freshly harvested fruit.

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Wild sloe 40 % vol. alcohol

An extraordinary mild spirit, very rare, with a characteristic dry flavour.

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Grappa Toscana 40 % vol. alc.

A classic Italian grappa with mild flavour.

Gentian 40 % vol. alcohol

This spirit is distilled from the roots of yellow gentian. Stored for at least 3 years in oak barrels it’s taste is rich and strong.


Our liquors are of exquisite quality, they have at least 25 % vol. alc. which gives them a dry and racy character.
Cherry Liquor 30 % vol. alcohol
Williams Liquor 25 % vol. alcohol
Peach Liquor 30 % vol. alcohol
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