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Fun Bottles

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Allround-bottle Wodka

Allround-bottle Wodka
29.90 EUR
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About us

What is a funflasche?

A bottle of wine or champagne, flowers, a cd, a gift token – there are many different ways of showing how much you care. And you probably have seen all of them about a million times already. In fact it is not that easy to find a present which is not an every-day-product.

A “Funflasche” (funbottle) is such a product:

It is a mouth blown bottle (volume: 0,35 liters) with a hollow which can be separately opened and closed. In this hollow (size: length: 20 centimeters, width: 3,5 centimeters) you can integrate all sorts of gifts, sweets, accessories or gift-certificates. The hollow can be opened and closed as often as you like – this means that a person who receives this kind of bottle can use it again. Filled with 0,35 liters of fine brandy, liquor or schnapps and with a nice present inside the hollow you have a beautiful and individual present of high quality that can be enjoyed in many different ways.

Gifts with spiritsOriginelle GeschenkverpackungHohlraum für eigene Ideen

Our funflaschen

Our Funflaschen contain many different kinds of presents and therefore cover a wide range of holidays and special occasions: christmas, easter, mother’s day, father’s day, birthdays, halloween, valentine’s etc.

funflaschen "exquisit"

Fine Brandies and liquors, chocolate, truffles and more: If you’re up for culinary delights look up our category “Exquisite” and find regional specialties from Southern Germany such as Kirsch (cherry-schnapps 40 % vol. alc.), Red peach liquor (30 % vol. alc.), wild sloe (40 % vol. alc.) or handmade truffles.

Exquisiter Edelbrand

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What is a Funflasche?
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